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Thrasher: A Name Committed To Community

Nothing is more consistent than change in the automotive industry. Some industries survive fluctuations in the economy or technology to become stronger and more deeply connected to the community they serve. These companies come through life's inconsistencies like gold. Thrasher Sales & Leasing Ltd. has done that since 1984; actually most of the team has done that together in this community since the early days of Murray Kennedy Motors, established in Amherstburg in the year 1955. Les Thrasher joined Murray and his team in 1962 and helped carry them through the next couple of decades before buying the business and the team in 1984.Murray believed his team and business would be in good hands with his friend and employee Les. They have not looked back since.
Les never saw the need to change the name of the dealership out of respect to Murray and also because of the reputation this team had established in the industry and the community. This business has always been a supporter of the community, local clubs,local churches and most importantly the children of the community. To this day the kids can share with their grandparents the stories of playing on the same sports teams as them,let it be baseball, hockey, soccer, football or figure skating or any organized childrens activity. The dealership has always and always will believe that our children are our future. In the eyes of General Motors, this dealership has always been at the forefront in there measurement of Customer Satisfaction. This is a team that understands the word SERVICE, and without our customers there would be no team. That is why every year brings new challenges to our team and Thrasher's make sure they are provided with the best tools and training to keep them at the top of the heep and the customers coming back. 2006 has just finished and again the team has attained the highest ranking in both service and sales in the district, an area which covers Essex County. The team has also placed in the top 25 in all of Canada in top box scores again in sales and service. The dealership has won several community awards along with several awards from General Motors. Individual team members year in and year out continue to lead and win their individual segment awards from General Motors be it service consultant, sales consultant, accountant, service and parts manager and technicians. This is a testament to our employee's effort and their dedication to our customers.
All of Les's kids have worked at the dealership at some time in their lives with his two son's staying with him in the business. His oldest son Pat, who was forever involved with something in the community, be it serving on town council and other committees or organizing and serving as President of the local chapter of Multiple Sclerosis started with his Dad for Murray as service manager up until we lost him to cancer in 2001. His other son Ken who left a local chemical company to return to work with his brother and father in 1985 has now moved into the dealer principle position to carry on what his father has taught him. The Thrasher philosophy is " Take care of the people who take care of your customers" this why they have a very low rate of turnover. Ken has learned this from his father and will try to instill this business philosophy into his son Adam and Pat's son Wes who along with their cousin Matt are getting a start in the business, hopefully one day to become the third generation of Thrasher's to serve the community. This is something Les enjoys, still coming in to work everyday and seeing his Grand Children working there.
The facilities have also undergone major renovations in 2002 to stay in tune with the ever changing business. A service drive thru was installed to provide an area where our consultants can spend some time with the customer and their vehicle in out of the elements. This was part of a GM project called image where each dealership after renovations becomes easily recognizable to the consumer through consistent design. The total dealership was renovated to help carry this team through the next couple of decades and to show our team members Thrasher's commitment to them and the community. This was a major sign of Thrasher's providing their team with the tools to serve the customers.
With all of the changes throughout the years and the passing and retirement of team members, Les & Ken have consistently showed they plan on being a part of the community for generations to come! They are now preparing the next generation to help lead this team. Wes, Matt and Adam will do fine!